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4.4. und 07.04.2012 Neonazi-Aufmarsch in Stolberg platzen lassen!

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M31 Movie – european day of action against capitalism

M31 Movie – european day of action against capitalism from M31 Moviecrew on Vimeo.

Global Day of Action against Capitalism
March 31st, 2012 |

Europe is in a continuous state of upheaval. For months now, its credit- and sovereign debt crises have been escalating. A number of hectic European Union (EU) summits have introduced emergency measures to rescue capitalism. Should the­se measures fail, governments and the media assure us, collapse, recession and mass poverty would be the result. This apocalyptic rhetoric paves the way for even more neoliberal reforms whose social impact will be felt for decades to come – if we don‘t resist. Throughout the crisis, we were told that capitalism needed to be reined in, and that banks and corporations would have to carry some of the burden they, too, had created. What is happening now is the exact opposite: The EU, its member states and other European countries are intensifying competition and introducing devastating public austerity programmes to secure private profits. In doing so, however, they are reproducing the destructive logic of capitalism. The existence of crises, widespread powerlessness and poverty, contrasted by private, i.e. exclusive wealth, are inherent elements of capitalism. Let’s get organized for a better society!

Großeinsatz gegen Neonazis in der Region – Waffen & NS Propaganda gefunden! Führende NS-Kader und NPD-Kader in Haft! In Schleiden wurde auch gerazzt!

„Großeinsatz gegen Rechts“ (WDR Lokalzeit Köln, 13.03.2012)